Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Bodmin Moor


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

where do the stones come from???

where they there naturally or are they remains of old buildings? Or some art perhaps?

the tower reminds me of a tower close by - from a time when Denmark and Sweden were at war... long time ago and really stupid - one brother against another...!

The Abbot said...

Hello again Sarah.

I believe they are a natural rock found in the vicinity of the Moor.
It is believed they are part of a Late Neolithic or early Bronze Age stone temple.
Locally they are known as The Hurlers and tradition says that they are men and women turned to stone for *hurling the ball on the sabbath*

The tower is part of the copper mine workings that are scattered around the district.

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

intersest! and very likely.
the sunset below where is that? it's very beautiful, too.

actually keith (my husband) and i have been looking at houses on the westost... all very, very expensive...

The Watcher said...

The sunset was taken at Pentire which is close to the world famous and Europes finest surfing venue...Fistral Beach Newquay in Cornwall.

Houses in the South West are a lot more expensive than most of the UK.
People like to retire down here. also