Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Trevose Head


heikoworld said...

Trevor, did you get a reason why your Nikon stopped working, I am just being curious.
A friend of mine bought a point and shoot Canon Power Shot A80 3 1/2 years ago and from the day he inserted the batteries x4 he never got a picture from it as it refused to work, he said he could not be bothered and gave it to me, I had it repaired by Canon @ £90, my wife keeps it in her handbag `Just In Case`.
The problem, he put the batteries in the wrong way round, it `Blew` the protection diode and a miniture fuse. I offered it him back for the £90, he told me to "Go Forth".
Silly Man.


The Abbot said...

Hi Heiko.

On the Repair Despatch Note it states.
Fit new spare parts.
Test/adjust body focus to Nikon standard.
Clean and check Image Sensor unit.
Firmware upgrade to the latest version.
Check test and clean equipment.

So really I am not much wiser but a lot more relieved.
I have no complaints with the Nikon service warranty on this issue and give them full marks.

Brad said...

Gorgeous phot,captures a feeling.
Beautiful weather, not too sunny.

The Abbot said...

Hi Brad.

It is a very exposed headland and gets quite windy as it was when we visited. A place a little isolated but ideal to walk about and relax a little.