Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Late Evening


Pille said...

A forecast of darkness, on the day it will end the oil.

Happy New Year - Head Uut Aastat (Estonian)

Brad said...

I'm glad to see you back, you've been missed.
Have a great New Year:)

ADRIAN said...

As you know i spent several mornings on this beach.........I knew the china clay works had possibilities you have just proved me right.

Rita said...

Great pictures on your blog! I found you via Brad.

Greetings form Finland)

The Abbot said...

Hi Pille.
Welcome to the Blog.

Have a beautiful New Year Estonia.

The Abbot said...

Hello Brad.

Thank you . It is good to be back.
I hope the weather has not curtailed your recent activities.
Have a great year Brad and rub some of your happiness off on others.

The Abbot said...

Hi Adrian.

You are right Adrian...I still watch the sunset over the works and feel there is still a better photograph to come.

The Abbot said...

Hi Rita. Welcome to the Blog.
Have a great New Year in Finland.
I must give your blog a call.