Monday, 28 September 2009



Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the thatched cottage Trevor I hope you both hade a great time in Devon.

The Abbot said...

Thanks Keith.

Yes we did enjoy ourselves and we both got a life tick .Garganey.The hide at Seaton Marshes is superb with all round views of different terrains.
The only drawback is the distance travelled in a single day.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Image Trevor, I have been to Branscombe several times, a lovely village.
Devon not being my favourite place, lack of road signs, or is it me getting old :o)
Thank goodness for Sat Nav!


The Abbot said...

Hello Heiko.
I like Devon has a lot of *Old World Charm* . Naturally I am not talking about the large seaside places but rather small villages like Branscombe.I have never had or wanted a Sat Nav and I do not get lost often but when I do it is generally good fun and often another interesting place is added to my list.

Arami said...

wow... y yo creyendo que casas asi, solo la encontraba en los cuentos de hadas... me gusta