Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Rame Church


Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

If that isn't a very good example of what Britain has to offer?!

Again, I mostely loved the lighthouse and the sea-pics, but the rest is also full of atmosphere!

Sarah Sofia Ganborg said...

can't comment on your other blogs, so I'll do it here instead:

re Phantasmn-pic:
you know this really reminds me of an old song by roger wittacker: river lady! Remember that one?
i always feel sooo sorry for the boats when they are being lifeted out of the water and just sit there over the winter...

re the lighthouse:
I also always wanted to live in one!!!
and a fisherman told me up in northern norway, that there should be plenty that one could hire, if one wanted to give it a try...

The Abbot said...

Hello Sarah.
Nice to hear from you again.

The Rame Church photograph is rather a simplistic one...the sky is dreary and I nearly did not put it up.

I do not know why you cannot comment on the other ones..but I apreciate you doing so on this one.

The Abbot said...

Yes I remember the song and can understand why it reminds you of the boat.
The name first caught my eye and I felt while looking at it how sad it now looked neglected and forlorn. Yet it probably had some wonderful memories to tell...if only it could.

Now living in a lighthouse must be many peoples dream. Alone, surrounded by nature and all her forces, yet,comparatively safe and comfortable.
Even if one could find one to hire in the UK the price would be horrendous. Maybe you should give it a try if the offer presents itself.